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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Summer Vacation, Part 6

The second day at Glacier National Park was just with my parents. My little brother and his family were heading to other parts. Since we saw the west side the first day, we drove around the park and came in on the east side. Again, the scenery was breathtaking. We drove through the park as far as we could then headed back west. I was afraid that I would feel cheated not seeing the part we missed, but honestly, I saw so much I was content. I will definitely come back again so I can drive across the park.

Without further ado, I will let the park speak for itself:

 I literally risked my life to get this picture. I had to climb a really steep, wet hillside. I truly was scared. However, (now that I am safe) it was definitely worth it. I don't even know how he was able to stand there.

There were some wild horsed that were grazing along the side of the road.

 Picture perfect. The island out there is called Wild Goose Island.

That's my mom playing in the snow. "Its cold," she said. Well, yeah, its snow!

Brenda had to play, too. We don't see much of that white stuff in Tucson.

Brenda loves taking foot shots. I love a sandaled foot in the snow.

Look, its a glacier!

This was the end of the road for us. The plows were about two miles past this stop. You were allowed to hike it if you wanted. We decided not to.

We did a little hike along the stream. Again, being from Tucson, we don't see many rushing streams (or any water for that matter.)

 Trolls under the bridge. Oh wait, that's just Mom and Brenda during the hike.

The lake. It was so beautiful and calm. There was a tour boat on the water as well as some kayakers. I would love to try that next time.

Another picture of the lake.

Brenda hanging by the lake.

Another view of the lake. Every time we turned the bend in the road, there was another beautiful angle of the lake.

There were a bunch of mountain goats just off the side of the road. This one started heading toward us for his close-up.

You can really see him shedding his winter coat in this one.

I think Glacier National Park is one of my favorite national parks. I was so glad to get the chance to see it.

Come back tomorrow and get the next installment of the trip.

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  1. Love the goat shots and the lake shots even more. Holy crap what gorgeous photos. Get a high quaility digial frame and keep your favorite photos loaded on them.