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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Summer Vacation, Part 7

This is the last post about our summer vacation and it is a study in opposites.

For the two nights we were in Hungry Horse, MT, we stayed in a camping cabin at the Mountain Meadow RV Park. It was a beautiful park full of steep hills and lots of trees. Exactly what you would expect from a camping trip. For all our RV friends, it has FHUs and wireless. However, the farther your site is from the office, the less signal you get. And, there are lots of trees so if you have satellite, I don't think you could get a signal. I am not sure how level the sights are either.

Anyhow, the camping cabin was a basic cabin with electricity. We even had a small refrigerator. There was no water in the cabin but there was a spigot just to the side of the cabin. The bathhouse was way down at the bottom of a steep hill. Getting there wasn't too bad, but coming back up was quite the workout.  We decided (being old and of weak bladders) driving was the best way to get there every morning (or during the night when the urge struck us.)

Here are some pictures:

The front of the cabin.
Looking up at it from the road.

Our view!
Interior of the cabin

Really big table.
Loading the small refrigerator.

So after two days of roughing it, we headed out early in the morning. We were driving all the way to Provo, UT before the end of the day. Thirteen hours later, these Beverly Hillbillies check into a Residence Inn in Provo compliments of my brother. It was beautiful and felt luxurious compared to the last two nights. We had a quick dinner then went back to the hotel and took long, hot showers, played on the computer and just marveled at modern conveniences.

The next morning we took our time getting up and had a wonderful complimentary breakfast at the hotel. Very nice spread. We then had a short 6 hour drive to Vegas, the last night of our trip. 

If we thought the Residence Inn was fancy, we were in for a giant surprise. We arrived at the hotel around 1:30 in the afternoon. We left our car with the valet and went inside to check in to our room. WOW was all I could say. So very fancy! Our room wasn't quite ready, so I had the bellhop check our luggage in and we headed to lunch and some exploring. 

After a delicious lunch at Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse, we did some sightseeing. While out, the hotel called and told us our room was ready anytime. Since we were tired, we decided to go back and just relax. The drive from the day before was exhausting and I think we were ready to go home.

The hotel

The view from the kitchen.
The full kitchen !

The dining room table-seating for 6!

A two-headed shower!

The very plush bed with the soaking tub
 Some views from our sightseeing:

The Chandelier Bar in the Cosmopolitan Hotel

A cool restaurant in the Aria

Unique sculpture
Cosmopolitan Hotel 

That evening, we went up to the rooftop bar. WOW again. The views were spectacular. The evening had cooled down and it was very comfortable up there so we ordered some Pina Coladas and watched the sunset.

Me enjoying the view.

The sun is setting
Looking down on the City Center. Love the roof lines.

Brenda enjoying the views.
The lights are coming on.

Love all the lights.

 The next morning we got up and headed home. This was a wonderful trip full of awesome memories. I am so glad we got this opportunity. It really makes me want to travel all the time. I look forward to the day when we are able to be free and come and go as we please.

I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I enjoyed giving it. 

Stay safe!

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  1. The cabin was cute! Without running water I might have had a problem. The most I'll rough it is in my RV with the generato running and in a parking lot over night. The photos were fantastic.