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Friday, May 25, 2012

Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

Oh my as I think about all those hours of worry and lack of sleep. What was I thinking?

We went on our maiden voyage with the new RV. We just went overnight and stayed at Catalina State Park which is only about 8 miles from our house. We wanted to go somewhere close where we could hook it all up and get used to it.

Even though the park is closer to where we live, the RV was farther away. We had to get the RV, which was way down on the southeast side of town and drive it to the park, which is northwest of town in Oro Valley. I fretted and stewed and worried myself sleepless the night before we left wondering if I had what it take to drive something so big. I worried about fueling it up and getting it to the pump. I worried about driving in city traffic. I worried if I was worrying enough.

So when we got up yesterday morning, I hadn't slept much but was cautiously worried about the trip. Well we went for it! First step, taking it to the gas station. The gas station was right there by the storage facility and I didn't even have to leave the parking lot to get to it. So, to get used to the RV, I drove around the storage lot to get a feel for it. So far, so good.

Our gas tank is behind the license plate so I had to pull clear forward to fill it. I was hoping to get a pump on the driver's side, but no luck. I pulled in but was too far over so I had to back up and get closer. Again, no problem. I did it like a pro.

Done with filling up, so it was time to hit the not so open, very busy city streets. It took me all of 2 minutes to feel at ease and comfortable driving. I had no problems at all. We got to the park quicker and easier than I could have imagined.

The trip was a success. We do have a few issues that need to be addressed but nothing that will be too expensive. I hope. The two biggest issues are we couldn't get the rubber cover off the water hook up thingy. So we couldn't connect to the water. I don't know if there is a problem or I didn't eat enough Wheaties to have the strength to twist it off.

The other issue, is the hydraulic levelers. I was using them when we set up and got all leveled, but when I went to retract them when we were leaving, they we not set anymore. When I started the engine, the warning beeping was going off saying the jacks were down. I think we lost all our hydraulic juice and the system thinks the jacks are down. So we got to hear the obnoxious beeping all the way home. I have no idea how expensive this will be to fix. We are going to take it in to get it checked out asap.

Other than that, the RV is perfect for us. We fit in it great and love the floor plan. It is in such good shape on the inside, redecorating will get done much later. Even our dog Dexter was comfortable in it. It already feels like home.

So the bottom line is-----there was absolutely nothing to fear. It was so easy and comfortable.

Here are some gratuitous pictures for your entertainment (and reward for reading this long post.)

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  1. Sounds awesome! When's the next outing? Did you cook dinner in it?

    Your jack oil might be low.