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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We got the RV!!!!! It would take pages to explain the roller coaster ride of getting the RV but the bottom line is we got it! I may have to devote a whole blog entry into the crazy mess and the characters involved. In fact, it would probably make a great book.

After several phone calls back and forth with the owners, I had pretty much figured it wasn't going to happen anytime soon, if at all. I had talked with the owners on Sunday and they said  the deal on the park model they were buying here fell through and they didn't know what they were going to do. So yesterday, we were just focusing on our trip and would start the hunt again at a later date.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from the owners and they had just signed the paperwork on another place so the were ready to sell the RV. We made arrangements and went over to look at the RV yesterday.

We spent many hours with the owners looking at the RV and getting to know them. (Like I said, interesting characters.) The rig is extremely dirty as in its probably been years since any good cleaning was done to it. In some areas there is probably dust an inch thick. I kid you not. Due to health problems, the owners are not able to keep up with the cleaning. However, all the major systems work and they have kept up with the maintenance. It has new tires and batteries. They installed new flooring and a new toilet recently. The RV has been in the same family since it was custom built and they have all the manuals that go with the rig.

Thursday will be the day we actually get the rig. We are planning on parking it at a friend's house and when we get back from our trip, there will be lots of cleaning in our future. We are also planning on taking driving courses at Lazydays to get educated and feel more confident.

The best thing about getting this unit is we will be spending about 1/3 of what we thought we would. And if for any reason we don't like it or don't want it, we can sell it and get our money back and then some. Its a no-lose situation.

The scariest part is that we just took a major step in making our dreams turn into reality. We are a bundle of nerves around here. We are excited, scared, nervous, anxious, happy and just about every other emotion you can think about. Like we keep saying, the future is here and it just slapped us in the face!

I will post pictures after we get it. I definitely want to keep a photographic record of before and after. Stay tuned.

Let the countdown begin.....9 months!

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