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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just Putting It Out There For The Universe

So last night I was perusing Craigslist looking at RVs when I spotted an ad for one that seemed like a typo. The ad stated the owners were moving here permanently and didn't want the RV anymore. The price was 1/3 of what is should be selling for. I was like-what? For real? So I thought what the heck I will email them back. I figured it was a typo or a scam but what did I have to lose by sending an email.

This morning I kind of laughed about it and figured it was over. Well lo and behold I got a phone call today from the lady selling the RV. No, it wasn't a typo. They just really want to get rid of it. We talked for a while and she explained that they have medical conditions and didn't need it anymore. They have lived in it for a few years and felt like it was home. They wanted someone who would appreciate it and enjoy it as much as they did. She said she could tell in my voice how excited I was about it so she told her husband to not call anyone else who responded to the add. We basically have first dibs on it.

Some positives about getting a rig now is that we would have time to set it up how we want it. They have taken out the couch and chair so we would have to put in new furniture. Not a problem for us because we had already decided we wouldn't want a couch we just want two rocker/recliners.

Another positive is that we would have it and could take small trips in it now. It would be a great way to learn about it and get familiar with it before we start out full time. We can acclimate the pets to it so it won't be so big and scary when we move into it permanently.

The biggest positive is the cost. It is priced so cheap that even if we end up not liking it or wanted to do something different we could get our money back and then some.

The only drawback is that we don't quite have all the money right now. We have almost half of it. So, I am going to have to bite the bullet and see if the parents will give me a loan. We were planning on selling Brenda's car to help pay for it but we can't sell the car right now. So, I will make the following proposition to my folks. Ask for a loan stating we will pay on it each month and at the end of the year when we sell Brenda's car we will pay off the loan.

Now we just have to wait for the seller to call me back so we can go see it. Hopefully it will be just as she said and we can buy it. Of course, I am a firm believer that everything happens as it is supposed to. So, if we don't get it, it wasn't met to be. And if nothing else, this opportunity got us kick started to get serious about saving for a rig.

Here are pictures of her:

We have no idea what the inside looks like but it supposedly has new tires and runs well. If it looks as good in person as in the pictures, we may have our new home.

So, Universe, if you are listening, we are open to receiving good things.


  1. We're in the same position. I look on craigslist everyday and am soooo ready to find our new home, but it's just still too early for us. I need to have more patience! Hope this is the one for you!!

  2. Wow looks just like our 1997 Pace Arrow 36S! Our has a dual rear axle and no fancy triple window. If you look back at our blog and search sort by videos or "tour" you'll probably see a full tour of the inside of ours. Ask the own for the year and model and then you can Google and see photos of what the inside probably looks like.