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— Dr. Seuss (Oh, the Places You'll Go!)

"It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters in the end." - Ursula LeGuin

Monday, July 23, 2012

Palm Springs

We spent last week in Palm Springs, CA. My brother owns a vacation time share and had extra points he couldn't use. He asked if I would be interested. DUH, of course I said we were. So off we went.

We had a wonderful relaxing time. We were there from Monday through Friday. We were lucky in that the weather was decent most of the time. It didn't start getting really hot until Thursday night.

Tuesday we did the tram ride up the mountain. It is an incredible ride!

 Views from the tram as we go up the mountain.
It is at least 30 degrees cooler than down in the desert. Big giant pine trees. It smelled so fresh up there.

The next day we drove over to Oceanside, CA to get some much needed beach time in. It was a beautiful day. Definitely worth the two hour drive.

This is the very curvy road between Palm Springs and Oceanside.

 A beautiful beach.
This little guy sat there for the longest time just staring at me.

On Thursday we spent the day poolside at the resort then went into Palm Springs for the evening. While there, we drove around looking for some of the old movie star houses. Although they are easy to get to, they are hard to see due to walls around the homes. Among the houses we located were Liberace, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe and Barbra Streisand.

They have a street fair every Thursday evening on the main drag. We walked around for a bit then had a lovely dinner.

Look who was downtown! She was definitely larger than life.

It was good to get away and just enjoy ourselves. We spend so much time thinking about and getting ready for the big move. We figured this will probably be one of the last road trips we take before moving into the RV. So glad we got this opportunity.

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  1. I've been to Palm Springs and didn't know there was an aerial tram there!